Michael Bodnarchek’s professional career in, advertising, music video and film production only seems like a Hollywood movie. But after more than 20 years in the business winning numerous prestigious international awards like the Cannes Gold, Silver, Bronze Lions, One Show’s Golden Pencil, Gold Clio’ and London International Awards to name a few, and working with and on music videos and Top Super Bowl spots with everyone from U2, Michael Jackson, and Ricky Martin, Kid Rock, Elton John, Johnny Cash to film directors Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, McG, Michael Bay David Fincher and leading global brands such as Nike, Target, Budweiser and many others, Bodnarchek is a bona fide brand himself at leading ad agencies and record companies around the world and inside the entertainment industry.

His highly improbable story really did not begin in Hollywood. The native Minnesotan left the land of 10,000 lakes shortly after college for Los Angeles in the mid-‘80s to work in the business. Armed with a dream and only a year’s experience as a television Assignment Desk editor at the Twin Cities NBC affiliate KARE 11, Bodnarchek headed west. He naively knocked on doors for work — any work — in the film industry. Despite the disbelief and Hollywood cynicism that often greeted him, he eventually landed a job in the trenches as production assistant on the Biopic about Richie Valens (who died in the plane crash with Buddy Holly), “La Bamba.” While working on a student project at the American Film Institute he met a fellow foot soldier and PA on the set, Lawrence Bender whom he would latter team up with to form a powerhouse production company in Hollywood.

Fast forward 10 years to the mid’90s. After spending nearly a decade as a successful and in-demand freelance producer for music videos and commercial spots for well-established companies such as Propaganda, Limelight, Harmony, O Pictures and HSI, Bodnarchek convinced Bender — now producing for Tarantino — to form a music video and commercial production company to complement their thriving movie production entity, A Band Apart Films. Bender initially expressed skepticism, but Bodnarchek persisted and A Band Apart Music Video and Commercial Production was born.

A Strategic Visionary with a Stable of High Profile Directors and Projects
The company’s fortunes soared under Bodnarchek’s hard work and indefatigable networking ability. The commercial side of the business took off as the company formed lasting connections with leading ad agencies including Weiden Kennedy, DDB, Fallon, CP&B, Peterson Milla Hooks, Deutsch, BBDO and many others. The music video business boomed two years latter with videos for the Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Metallica, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Sting, Cher and list of other hit makers as long as a Billboard chart.

By the new century, Bodnarchek’s dream blossomed ten-fold. The company opened offices in New York, Minneapolis, London and Paris. His success earned him visionary status while his business instincts helped make the company a major player with $45M in billings by 1999. As CEO/Co-President of A Band Apart Music Video and Commercial Production, he attracted Hollywood directors — and actor/directors — such as Robert Rodriguez, Billy Bob Thorton, Steve Buscemi, Wayne Isham and many others to projects. And he helped resurrect Johnny Cash’s career by using him in a TV commercial for Nissan in 1997 which won the Gold Clio.